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King of Songs

Considered a visionary by those who know him and his music, Solomon continues to step beyond boundaries that a few other local musicians dare. Born Solomon Gabriel, this multi-faceted musician produces nearly everything from calypso, rock, reggae and an alternative assortment of world beat fusions.
His style is a fusion between reggae and rock with a Caribbean after taste. The lyrical content of his music is usually described as intellectually thought provoking, always with a very serious message and undertone. Solomon is not just an entertainer. He is an edutainer. He has engineered a way to integrate education and entertainment, by using a potent combination of great music, strong lyrical content and a powerful stage presence which tells the world STOP... LISTEN, an edutainer ... The EDUTAINER and his name is SOLOMON.
Since the passing of the worlds giants- Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley and John Lennon the world has been waiting, but not in vain. Solomon is Lead Singer, Songwriter, Bassist, and Band Leader.
Solomon continues to produce and perform original music. Since his first album Full Blown Full Grown in 2000 he has since produced three other albums. No Endorsement Required which was released in 2004. His two latest albums State of Our Affairs and Solomonism to be released in August 2008.
Solomon - King of Songs